7 Aha's of Highly Enlightened Souls (Mike George)


  1. Stress has a natural positive part to play in modern life
  2. You have to be a doctor to diagnose and treat stress
  3. Stress is necessary to achieve peak performance
  4. Stress is simply a physical phenomena and some rest and relaxation will make it go away
  5. A change of diet, a little jogging and good holiday will banish stress
  6. You have to be working 14 hours a day and constantly under pressure to experience stress
  7. Other people, situations and events are responsible for stress


  1. You are not what you have been taught to think you are
  2. You are drop dead stunningly gorgeous, but you won't see your beauty in the bathroom mirror
  3. Your destiny never leaves your hands. It only seems to!
  4. Forget blind faith, it's blind belief that makes life an unhappy stressful experience
  5. You think you are free, don't you? No, you are not! Not until you make conscious daily choices about what you do with the energy of your life
  6. You are already perfect, you already have all that you ever need and you are already completely free, you just don't know it
  7. Each and everyone one of us is a source of love, truth, peace and contentment in the world. This is what makes us all naturally rich


  1. The greatest power is the power of silence, and the essential self is silent
  2. All suffering and sorrow have the same cause - attachment. Don't become attached to anything
  3. Interference is futile, it only results in absence!
  4. Your inner tutor is always available to you
  5. Resist nothing, because it only strengthens what you resist and prolongs the struggle
  6. You cannot start living 'for real' until you know who and what you are
  7. Everything comes to pass, it is for use, not possession and passing everything on enhances the value of the passed and the passer