Story Ideas

  1. Rakshas Bandhan (A)
  2. Monkeys and Capseller (S) Collective monkeys decision to let go. cap seller sees it and decides to stop selling caps. caps getting stuck in trees and problems etc...humans fighting with monkeys to get free caps, over production
  3. little buddho and azaadi
  4. little buddho and the leopard
  5. johnny and bela (jack and the beanstalk)
  6. little buddho and coconut tantra
  7. anthills (poetry)
  8. grandpa and buddho - roles, observations, positions, perspectives and fears
  9. money, depression
  10. amplification, alcohol, devil and god, let go, dont want to come where you are, greed of stomach
  11. spider bouncing balls, letting go, channel .... when one stop going high and stays low then playing catch with god. puppets, bubbles, balls etc
  12. ink chromatography postcard
  13. wd40 blowart postcard
  14. hiss-store-i
  15. gruel (grew all)
  16. bubbles (indigneous people on the ground and a bubble maker)
  17. wizard of oz (new version)
  18. aristotle budddha and indigenous people (give me a place to stand and i can move the world
  19. where do pencils go
  20. quirks and quarks
  21. devil stay awake, devil stay away
  22. oneday at a time
  23. blind polly and the deaf oarscats
  24. jill and the beanstack
  25. kinder-ella
  26. the flower lady - amma go home, roads no plaec for u. i dont know my god, lay these around the head of ur god and pray for me
  27. needyland
  28. land: love the ands ... salmon, tuna larger fish swimming with joy
  29. monkey's can't/won't land on mars. is it because they don't like the color orange? ... the dust blends in with banana peels and they are worried about loosing their provisions. they cannot come to trust the orange colored parachutes. their fear is always making them look upwards at where the parachute will collapse on them. they forget to look where to land and cant even make the first jump off standing in the doorway ... stuck in all the instructions going around in their head. it also has something to do with the hair. the captain has issues, gives last warning. immanant danger of collision with too much seriousness. deploying unicorn lifeboats carrying monkeys, small rainbow fish and definately no mention of the word mars. fueled by cats as their aversion to water and ability to avoid is magical and will cause boats to fly.
  30. creating, recreating, procreating, secreting, secreting, consecrating, on and on ... often on, off and on
  31. story format - text that triggers the mind and image behind that makes it nonsense and same with the image and text behind
  32. feeding the cows, black cow one is greedy, jumps ditch, shetty hits, cow jumps back, white tries to nuzzle and is rejected, bull gores and snaps at the white one. white one head butts, the dog who barks at the wife, who runs into the kitchen.
  33. chinese characters - the person that wont stop dancing in the house that cant burn down
  34. kutti and butti (koita and ghamela)
  35. mere bachpan wala japan
  36. blind polly and the deaf oarscats. captain of the ship dies and blind polly becomes the captain. ship in hunt for treasures has forgotten where homeland is. so they fight and kill themselves. 13 ships on the seas. too immense and hedonistic. jewellery everywhere. letting go and throwing stuff off. fight you threw mine etc etc. fight within the ship, stealing across ships, fight across ships. the storm is forgotten. people kill themselves. only blind polly and the deaf oarsmen are left.
  37. grandfather sun: close to all creatures, hierarchy, but also circular. how hierarchy arises
  38. the two fools - one to divert, the other to attract
  39. a dog and 2 crows on the road
  40. the giant with the leaky fridge: the clouds is like when the giant opens the fridge door in the sky
  41. the land of women: no men. fear as teh starting of men. torrential rain. make the world a safer place for all. the 1st fear. one woman had to go out in the rain to answer the tremendous knocking on the door that was going on. the moment she opened the door, she was swept away by the wind and rain and then slowly when she returned she was changed and everytime there was a knock, she would send the other women and soon the whole house had changed. the anger and pain of surviving and living
  42. study about braindead and how that happens, how the heart functions without the brain and what part of the brain is dead?
  43. any creature that has evolved to eat the predator
  44. narcissist by the lake, converting from a man to a woman. loosing the erection over time. sitting quietly for a long time. that slowly nature grows back around hm. adam sitting on the stone. bhrama with saraswati and laxmi. wealth from economy and knowledge from ecology. destroying ecology, we get narcissism, then running after laxmi, knowledge is also lost. the story between sophia and gaia the two women around the narcissist, mara and two buddhas
  45. how captain hook came to be?
  46. ants while having breakfast at polem. the first ant to discover the drop of food goes crazy and runs around, leaving a chem-trails. others go crazy just by following the chem-trail. then they reach and sit on top of what was being searched and keep consuming. some try to break away. carrying, but then they stop halfway and consume. they all need to take it to the hive. those on top are carried away by those who are pulling from the bottom with their feet on the ground. larger ants come to walk about and sense what is happening. they do not partake in the consumption or frenzy, but go back to report to the hive, all the ants move away from wandering for a bit and follow the procession back home. some lonesome creatures keep wandering... how the frenzy made all the ants come in a straight line. no barricades, how kings and queens can master the tao and all things will fall in their natural rhythm.
  47. surrender - banyan tree with musical notes and vibrations. branches in tension. absolute drawing with measurements.
  48. Buddha Board - like Chess Michadam (Sorry for the hurt caused). Higher vehicle, Middle Vehicle, Lower Vehicle. Old, young, food, future, energy management Little Buddha and the Pied Piper of Hamlin Cutting the Cake. No cutting at all and simply taking each time or asking for a piece and observing how the other one responds. Leaving the endings @ interdependence. Real Solution is in cutting into many pieces and letting each one choose slowly slowly. The snake, the rooster and the pig become friends and work together. Meditating, seeing their past lives and future lives. 7 snakes become linear, with one on top. Linear story. Fe Fi Fo Fum. I smell the blood of an English man. Potatoes (Ire-ish) Stomach. Bread English. Bones - Using slaves from England / English Mind. Faction. Fiction. Function. Defunct The DeDication Economy. De-Addiction. De-Diction Economy. The mind is not always dictating and the heart’s compassion can naturally flow. Series: You decide, you De-side Candle story: Seeing the holes and closing them. Ultipavan from the bottom. Biofeedback the holes, opening and closing. Changing size. Fuel is that the candle flame is fully blue and burning lightly concentrated. OxyAcetylene flame. The candle is having lots of impurities that burn with colors and spark. Attention to this candle from simple plain white candles. Attention is our inner glow. The story of flames, colors. Burn up all the impurities. Plainly as the wax being soft and mouldable. Neuroplasticity and Mylineation. Transpyre. Inspyre. Respyre. Conspyre Fight (0). Flight (1). Freeze(null). Ignorance continues instead of freezing. Just be aware. The roots are the same. The brain stem. Everything has the same roots. The fruits of awareness. What is real joy. To find peace and harmony. Copyright: Wrathfully deity. Photocopy. Mobile, writing cancelled, striked out. Only for the viewing pleasure of ur own eyes. Enrol: Envelop rolled. Penis, GSpot. Body rolled and ready to receive. Register: Re-Gister. Can I take ur name down. Pagdi Uttar Do. Submit, Surrender. Keep and open mind. 10000 things: author Rs. 1, Donation Rs. 10, 10000 copies Detention: De-tension Room Painting Style - Certain Elements really in focus (out of context) like in the toilet bowl, the pee colour and bubbles. The robin on the tree seemed to look like a person with a hair cut. The trendsetters pay attention to life. Handmade books. Page number as number of elements in focus on the painting. 10,000 things in the end. People can drop email or leave feedback on webpage. The last last person to leave feedback or colour the page, calls up or connects to meet in person and receive the next book. Thangka dot style by each person. Dictionary that also circulates. Have you contained the elements? Inside, not outside! Fire beings, need water The 4th Wife The Dog that walked alone The dog searches for a master The dog as the monk Women who run with the wolves and the dog that entered the commune. Turing test and the robot that woke up Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz #a church / teaching room with empty benches and the god and devil playing chess with each other. fire burning about them both being in the fire place and being overlooked by the buddha.