WHEALTH - WEALTH IN HEALTH, HEALTH IS WEALTH Current period is like Train travel Long distance journey to the Hills OR Virar Local (Alighting at Andheri) Train slows down. Allow those in a hurry to move first, knowing well everyone has reached the same destination and train has halted. Yet some may not experience it OR We may feel we have to get down @ Andher-Nagri, so we get into the whirlpool, push, pull, jostle, shove, rush out, as people rush Then too mindfully we take a few extra steps out of everyone's way, stand in the refugee below the stairs and catch our breath Looking around we make sure no-one has fallen and is in danger of rolling under the train We Move On KISS - Keep it Stupidly Simple Relaxation ◦ Any Meditation  ◦ Yog Nidra @ Mirabel (Youtube) ◦ Headspace ◦ Prayers ◦ Do Nothing Hydration ◦ Boil 3 Litres with Jeera, Ajwain, Ginger, Tulsi, Pepper, Haldi. Sip every 30 min ◦ Before Sleep & Throughout the Night - Have you ever sat silently on a Machaan next to a Watering Hole on a Full Moon Night. All the animals Deer, Lion, Tigers, Cows, Buffalos everyone is next to each, gently and relaxed partaking of the refreshing waters. Even the crocodiles in the water are no-longer hunting.  After sunset the larger animals call a cease-fire. Just like in the Mahabharat. It is only certain insects, reptiles, amphibians, smaller mammals, birds that go about doing their stuff during the night. Still hunting. But that's good, they repair the wear and tear of the jungle that happens during the day ◦ When we avoid drinking water at night, so we don't have to pee, we are forcing the body based on some prior conditioning. The body knows how to move and carryout its BUSYness. How certain practices came about may be reflected upon. Often cultural, practices and habits have developed more in-line with the support of the sick, infirm and elderly rather than those appropriate for each body in it's journey. An old person who cannot get out of bed, may have stopped drinking water at night. Relieved of their problem, they began to teach everyone not to have water. It may have been dangerous to go out into the fields at night, so control necessary of the body. Here we are in the unending, unlimited safety of our concrete homes, that will last 50 years and yet we control the body. We have all the machines and resources in the world, yet we desire control over her. ◦ When hydration and elimination are inadequate, the body has the tendency to deposit salts in various organs of the body. Stones, calcification of arteries, aging etc. ◦ A simple way to check body elemental balance, is through awareness of breathing. When you get up at night, if your breathing is labored, short and feels like its moving upwards through the nostrils towards the head, the head is tight, good time to drink some water. Sense how the body and breathing opens up immediately, the moment water goes in the system. Imbalance in the body, is like pollution in nature. If we have eaten at night, then a fire is burning in the stomach, throughout the day, we have kindled the fires in the head. Sleeping at night, there is a tussle between beings in the multiple realms. Often the head wins (habit). Snoring is also a sign of the tussle. Sense how snoring is eased with drinking of water. It's like much needed rain on a smoggy, foggy, hot, windless night. All beings are at peace in the presence of water.  ◦ Early Morning - Sipping Hot Water (Comforts the Hell World's that got Cold during the Night, enables Letting Go) ◦ Jal Neti Sunlight ◦ Sit / Lay Down for 30 min daily ◦ Direct Rays on Forehead for 10 minutes ◦ Any window, balcony, terrace will do ◦ Any angle of Sun Rays will do ◦ Any time of the day, as many times in the day will do Meals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaJ4KkjluZQ https://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/nyanaponika/wheel105.html ◦ Fast (if understood well) Mindfully ◦ OMAD - One Meal a Day / Minimal, regular eating. One fruit between 2 hours, a little watery khichdi (fresh hot food), start soaking and sprouting stuff (every whole grain, including wheat can be sprouted). Cook less, digestion takes time and energy released is slow. Having a busy stomach, will prevent from feeling anxious. ◦ Last meal @ 6:00 pm ◦ If Hungry, 2 Roti's (Any flour) with Ghee, Salt, Gud @ 9:00 pm (Philosophical Dietary Habits can be reflected upon) ◦ Do not load system. Unnecessary eating will lead to useless energy, transformed to useless motions, e-motions, ego ◦ Observe animals, even while eating, they are mindful of energy shifts in the environment. Similarly, eating right quantity will help us sense our own energy shifts and those in the environment. You won't have to depend on social media to tell you what's happening.. You can use your own senses ◦ Out of fear based care, people may be stocking up, cooking more, sending you more food. Do not feel guilty or the necessity to consume it. Gift it forward, give it away, hot and fresh. Let your watchman figure what to do. Let others process. Higher benefits will accrue ◦ Just like a plant falls sick if too much fertilizer, water or un-decomposed compost. A loaded system is more prone to illness ◦ Lighten up, Settle Down ◦ Breakfast - Banana, Apple, Orange, Chikoo, Watermelon, Musk Melon. Dry Fruits. Avoid imported exotic ◦ We can reflect on water and its importance for life. Our body adn earth are one. All live flourishes in an near water. Civilizations too started there. Studies on longetivity and health have shown, higher percentage of water in diet leads to beneficial results. I have personal experience of same for past 6 years. My meals are usually watery one-pot meals. Everything together, rice, wheat, corn, vegetables, sprouts, eggs. Its easy, beautiful, each meal a work of art, hot, nutritious, allows me to sense each bite and choose each biteful. Gives freedom from bothering about consumption and body. In 2006, I was in Kerala and in the village the staple breakfast was boiled water rice with fried fish or beef. Water is Important! Dry food relates to need for preservation, preservation relates to surplus or scarcity, both lead to travel and movement. If you want your body to settle, give it water.   ◦ Fresh food - Tribals dont cook unless necessary. By cooking we destroy the volatile compounds and neutralize most things. If we can allow for greater intensity in our foods and can learn to find equanimity with sensations, then that too is energy. Most people remove the whole spices from food, but they are like medicine. So lots of reflections, possible around food.  ◦ 4 Nutriments ▪ Food ▪ Sensation ▪ Volition ▪ Consciousness Cleaning Nature is vibrations. Everything is fluctuating. Generally fluctuations stay within bounds, but sometimes they cross boundaries. Living within the normal band (seslf defined) allows for a sense of calm, peace, joy and connection. In a normal state, we are able to sense the vibrating world around us and feel alive. We assume a dead person cannot feel vibrations. So, feelings are important to being alive. Feelings are related to the nrevous system. Scientists have, studied and created body maps based on the intensity and sensitivity of nerve endings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortical_homunculus Based on the understanding of this diagram, it is clear, that we evolved in a certain way.  Going against this evolution, is what has created modern life and its suffering.  The hands are the ultimate tool of sensation. By washing plates, slowly slowly, with dripping water and being extremely mindful, we can activate these nerve endings and hence become more alive. Similarly any task that we do, we do with complete mindfulness, to begin to activate these nerve endings.  Mindful action, gives us joy and happiness. Chemicals were invented during the Second World War. Before that simple, cleanliness, hygiene were maintained by the hands, eyes and feet. Chappals outside, hands cleaned and not a speak of dust and dirt anywhere. External cleanliness was akin to inner cleanliness. Can be seen from why spiritual spaces Mandir-Cave are kept spick and span. It is an ethos.  So by engaging with keeping the mother earth healthy with our own hands, using simplicity and effort, more than chemicals and poisons, keeps the mind peaceful, calm and pure.  Knowing we do not harm the earth, we know, it will cause us no harm.  WE TRUST Medication (Simple Ayurvedic from Zandu) Prevention better than Cure ◦ Spray Bottle < Rubbing Alcohol/Spirit + Dettol + Lemon/Tea Tree Oil (Sanitizer. Cheaper, Longer Lasting) ◦ If Sore Throat, Fever, Blocked/Running Nose> 8 hours  ▪ Sudarshan Ghanvati (Immunity / Digestion) (2 Tabs) ▪ Tribhuvan Kirti Ras (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat) (2 Tabs) ▪ Trishun (Lymphatic System/Fever) (1 Tab) ▪ Total 5 Tablets x 3 Times a Day, after Meals x Max 5 Days ◦ Khadi Radi Gutika (Herbal, Non-Sugar/Boiled, Lozenge. Can be kept under tongue @ Night) ◦ Kanthil (Instant Relief, lasts for 30 mins) ◦ Adulsa (Sore Throat) (Cough Syrup by Omkar. 1 Teaspoon + 1 Cup Boiled Water, sipped over 30 min. As Needed Sleep ◦ In bed by 10:00 pm, get up @ 5:00 ◦ Avoid late night TV series, Mobile Browsing, Conversations, Digital Fatigue  ◦ Use guided Sleep music if necessary. Don't try to exhaust your mind into sleeping ◦ The body should get exhausted and demand sleep, the mind follows where the body goes ◦ We often feel, that sleep needs to be heavy, deep, unconscious. But ever gone camping, trekking. One feels so alive in the night. The entire nature, jungle exists in us. As one consciousness goes to sleep, another awakens. So the body rests, while the mind stays awake, peaceful in the knowing it is residing in the body of the King of the Jungle ◦ Allow yourself time to fall asleep and arise out of sleep ◦ It may be a good idea, not to switch on lights immediately on Getting Up ◦ Open the curtains, there is enough ambient light pollution ◦ Maybe use a torch with yellow light, when you need to move about at night ◦ The focus of the torch, gets us to focus our mind on physicality. It direct attention. Observe how you use a torch ◦ If you get up in the middle of the night, accept it, there is reason. First, get the body to relax. Drink water, visit the washroom. Once back, sense, maybe the mind has gotten alerted. Keep some spiritual, motivational, inspiring stuff nearby. Read something that settles the mind. Return to sleep. ◦ There are millions of re-search on sleep, yet no one gets perfect sleep. 8 hours is a social myth. Wake up. There are people, normal people who have not slept for decades. The mind can settle into the body at any point and feel relaxed, it relaxes, much faster in a relaxed body. The body takes relaxation when it needs. Keep your mentation about the body out of the way. Moods ◦ Be Happy, Grateful and Cheerful ◦ Don't fall prey to Gossiping, Rumoring, Cynicism.  ◦ Provide patient listening space, if above is happening. Your presence matters ◦ Lift spirits up, strengthen mind, heart and body ◦ Sing, Dance, Paint, Write, Express (Not Impress) ◦ Read Intelligently Spring Time @ Home ◦ Good time to de-clutter, clean, mop, work and do functional work-out ◦ Will keep mind at rest, body in health, and create space ◦ House-help will appreciate intermittent breaks ◦ Pay fully, yet let them experience rest, rejuvenation and connection with self + family ◦ In the long run, they will support your own personal need for it Community ◦ Call on near and dear ones and small talk. Remember the good times. Complete in-completions. Provide listening ◦ Meet your Neighbors, Talk to Seniors & Juniors ◦ Evenings descend into your building compound. Play simple games ◦ Hold space that someone in need of sharing will find you ◦ People may gather around symbols. Faith may be rekindled. Join in at a comfortable distance ◦ Support each Being's Search for Meaning Memory ◦ Mom has been suffering from memory loss (possibly Alzhiemer's) for some time ◦ Another good friend's mom too, she is a trained vocalist etc an still teaches students, but ... ◦ Personally, for me it is interesting, to observe and reflect on the relationship between breath, thoughts and memory ◦ A hurricane (high pressure wind) has the capacity to wipe out and change the face of life on its path ◦ Similarly, low pressure areas & winds, also create deserts of a sort ◦ Changes in breathing, shift consciousness, can change neural pathways, yet without mindfulness, we don't know what we have lost and what we have gained  ◦ Memories are a function of remembering. If not activated, they are forgotten. One need not panic, since most of our memories are useless anyway. Change happens. Yet, practices that benefit all, must be preserved. ◦ Personally, I have not been using protection, not going out anyway. The virus is supposed to impact the respiratory system. Yet I wonder what the impact of a labored respiratory practice might manifest ◦ I personally used to wear masks many years back to fight pollution, while working on wood, metal, cleaning etc. Can honestly say it was not pleasant. The entire system would go for a toss. The su isbtle, slow, minimal breathing reached during meditation, yoga is quite different from the one experienced with masks. During meditation the mind is also at peace and body is still, the need for air is not high. However, while walking, looking at the mobile, having thoughts, there is a high need for oxygen. Body-Mind struggles. Awareness and mindfulness fall. It is very easy to move towards becoming mechanical ◦ Only time will tell, what we actually needed to Let Go, what we have actually forgotten and what we must re-member again ◦ Singing, Drawing, Painting, Weaving, Knitting, Crochet, Quilting, Music Playing, Dancing, Writing, any Creative Expression has immense potential to keep memory strong and alive (Alzheimer's Patients can remember Lyrics of all their Favorite Songs) Energy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhfpmKAEfy4 Reality Remember there are Millions out on the Streets, with no-where to go They battle pollution, rotten food, abuses, lack of hygiene, inaccessibility to healthcare, fear, manipulation and control daily Look around, there is still physical construction work and community happening in small pockets People are still sitting and chatting at the tea, wada-pav, pan, newspaper stalls There is a Biological virus that is currently Sparing them (Nature Cares) Let not an Imaginary virus infect our own Corona's Let us not get carried away imagining that future suffering can be controlled by a perfectly sanitized world Such living has already been made manifest in many parts of the world, yet ... Inner Hygiene, Sanitation, Swatchata goes much further than external efforts. Couple them both Let life/diversity flourish, rather than a mono-culture (whether physical, biological, emotional or spiritual) We reflect as much on our own habits, beliefs and practices as we judge those of others Let NOT our own fears, weakness and challenges, shape life for all beings and future generations to come Keep Heart Chakra and Channels Open Using Fear to Earn Money The father of Value Investing, Warren Buffet has a saying - When people are fearful, be greedy; when people are greedy, be fearful Warren Buffet is in the business of making money. The Buddha was in the business of liberation. In the saying about, can you see a paradox, a conundrum in which one can get caught? Imagine you are a chemist or manufacturer of essential medicines, chemicals. In these current times, the price of sanitizer has suddenly gone up. People are using fear to make money. Nothing wrong with it, that's how the average person operates. Yet an enlightened person would find greater long-term benefit in alleviating fear. By helping and supporting with compassion.  In a world where there is no other, whenever we use any strategy to gain an advantage over other, before getting an external result it settles deep in our consciousness. That means, forever we are condemned stuck in that strategy. We will one time or another fear, that the same strategy can be applied by others to gain an advantage over us. Hence using such strategies to gain temporal advantages, proves unmindful and useless, because we are actually giving into fear and increasing our own suffering.  The local fruit and vegetable seller on the street, hardly charges Rs. 20 - 25 more per Kg and everyone complains. Yet, charging Rs. 100 for 100 ml of sanitizer no one complains. 10x the price jump.  So we can reflect on nature, karma and samsara. Financial Liquidity I remember times of Financial Crash of 2008, De-monetization There are lots of challenges that come up if the government of a country may place limits on the ATM Withdrawals (2008, In Greece for months it was $6 / day). During De-monitization I remember the panic, fear, irritation, frustration, discussions, diversion of attention that took place. If one has nothing better to do, it is okay to spend time in a line at a bank. Does give us the feeling of being ONE. Yet, there maybe more meaningful ways of feeling ONENESS. For instance, opening our homes, sharing food and space, sitting in meditation together etc. Being PRESENT to one another. So in difficult times, if energy is managed well, then we end up reducing our own suffering and for those around us. I remember, during de-monetization, I had to visit the bank only once and had withdrawn some savings and kept them as cash. So was saved all the trouble of exchanging, standing in line etc, fear arising out of having to take care of elderly etc.  Irrespective of status, when the noose is tightened, everyone is treated equally (Natural / Man-made Systems) Without wanting to spread panic, having observed behaviors and trends in the past, just old-age simple village folk (BANIA) thinking. It may be a good idea to maintain cash liquidity at home. If nothing else, there is psychological peace and feeling of abundance and possibility to practice responsible generosity. Insurance  ◦ Current Personal Stage (This does not come from FEAR, just acceptance of Possibilities) ▪ No Dependents, Possibly Few Supports (Yet Trust in Universe) ▪ Slowing Down, Caring for Self, Trying to Live Mindfully, Healthy Eating, Positive Thinking, Meditation, Community ▪ Pray I can learn to live in peace and ease and avoid dis-ease ▪ Inner movement to accept Nature and Body's response to Life and take illness with willingness ▪ Body is a Sacred Vessel, Yet heart is Open ▪ There may be Future Lives, so willing to Let This One Go, without Clinging (No Surgery / Sur-Injury)  ▪ Yet following Accidents are Natural, always Possible and Beyond Control • Riots, Mobs, Natural Calamity, Stampedes in Public Spaces • Getting of from Bus and Bike overtaking from Left • Opening Car Door and Bike overtaking from left • One is on Cycle and someone is Drunk Driving • One is Walking and an under-aged Hormone driven Driver • Falling off the Stairs • Being pushed Off the Train, while alighting • Riding behind someone on Motorbike and Chatting Away • Traveling on Bus in the Hills • Driving in the Hills • Adventure Sports • Walking in Nature and a Landslide • Falling while Trekking • ... ▪ While there is no fear of instantaneous death, a prolonged physical misery can prove to be a difficult learning experience for self and others. Some external energy is needed in such events ▪ Little desire to accumulate and earn to pay for hospital bills, yet when in an accident will not have consciousness to take decisions and energy provisioning may appear / prove a challenge for others ▪ To prevent being a burden on other's (Will always welcome emotional support, food, company) makes sense to make use of public mechanisms of Distributed-Risk-Transferance-and-Sharing ◦ Personal Accident Policies have Sum Insured, Not a Coverage. Hence a person can have multiple policies. In event of accident and loss of limb/eye, then claims can be made on all policies taken ◦ Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (Personal Accident Policy) (TAKEN) ▪ 1-Step Application through ICICI Net Banking Portal ▪ Premium Rs. 12 / Year ▪ Sum Insured Rs. 2 Lakh (Accidental Death / Total Eye or Limb Loss only. No Hospitalization support) ◦ Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (Life Insurance Policy) (NOT TAKEN, NO DEPENDANTS) ▪ 1-Step Application through ICICI Net Banking Portal ▪ Premium Rs. 330 / Year ▪ Sum Insured Rs. 2 Lakh (Death due to any Reason) ◦ New India Assurance (Highest Claims and Most Comprehensive Plans) (PROCESS OF APPLYING) ◦ Guru, a SSA friend, currently in Chennai, is working with HDFC Life Insurance ▪ He is helping research a customizable Personal Accident Policy that covers Hospitalization and Temporary Disability ▪ Reachable @ 9551758115 ◦ I am Happy to Listen to Questions, Concerns and Share Why? Insure Investments • Gold Coins • Fixed Deposits • Mutual Funds (PPFAS, HDFC Top 100) Digital Management ◦ Organize digital life for security, ease and long-term freedom ◦ Configure digital devices for long-life, performance and simplicity ◦ Use technology, don't be consumed by it Since the last 15 years, I have been playing with different ways of digital asset management. Tried various email providers, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, PawnMail, Zoho, Thunderbird, Outlook, various other mail clients. Having worked as a Software Programmer, I understand that it is not always that functionalities, added or removed from the User Interface are in the best interest of the users. Sometimes to keep employees busy, changes have to be created, introduced. Its unfortunate that we are unable to stay with the natural change that happens in the world, rather than amplifying it further with our actions. There has also been a gradual shift away from free things and really choosing the right paid tool to use. Personally, having a domain works for me (not prescribing for everyone).  When I was 22, I had visited a life coach, who shared one of his practices with me, which was to ensure that no mails are left unanswered at the end of the day. It's not compulsion, but a very high level of organization, which allows for real prioritization and freedom from Pile-Up of things to do. My inbox has never had more than 50 emails. Currently there are 3 folders Inbox, Community, Finance and a total of 25 emails. Life is sorted.  Replying to emails, ensures the history remains in the SENT folder. Hence, my sent folder becomes the Archive.  From conversations with various friends, realization that maybe INBOXs are full. Even the thought of management seems painful So wanted to offer a circle, in which we reconfigure a few things, setup a few filters, use a new user-interface (ZOHO is the best free service. Need not create a new email id, can simply create an account and VIEW emails, from any account. When sending mails, they will go from that email id only), choose the right browser to use (Firefox v/s Chrome), setup Privacy mode, eliminate Online Trackers, etc ... POP3/IMAP settings. We can be fundamentally free from digital clutter and can be available to life. Had to do it for Dad's a/c. He had 30,000 emails, I was not sure which were important, which were not. Took me 2 - 3 days, now since the past months they remain below 50 and I instantaneously know if something important has arrived. Also since I am paying for a domain on GoDaddy, can create free email id's on that domain, for those who may need simpler ones, with their first names, just like mine (I will not be able to see the emails, just the domain admin). There are many simple ways of backup, etc to ensure safety of data.