Personal Excellence = Clarity (Gifts | Limitations) Resources = Dreams | Aspirations Aspirations => Persistence + Tenacity UnTempered (Aspirations - Reality) = Fantasies Who we Are = Dialogue (Aspirations <=> Measurable Abilities in Action) Aspiration = Wind (Sails) Realism = Rudder (Boat) Valuing one self' is the basis of assertion and equality Conditioning = (Compliance + Conformity) Good (Reward) | Bad (Punishment) Scars on the Mind | Psychological Hurt Erosion of Self Worth Internalizing Compliance = Hierarchy Rooted Low Self Worth = Difficulty in Assertion Ideas and Responses withheld Internal Stress -> Erosion of Confidence Small and InAdequate Protection from Psychological Hurt InAbility to pay attention to the PreSent Wary of Relationships Non-judgmental review of self is the basis for self-improvement Clear break with process of constant inner judgement of oneself Inner Judgement -> Punishing, 'Should' Compulsiveness, Predetermined social acceptance (Ugly plant sculptures) New Events observed with heightened sense of awareness and attention Intense attention has its own intelligence, foundation of learning Unfolding appropriately to situation and true to our potential Creates space for unfolding Carl Rogers - On Becoming a Person Failures and successes are learning opportunities Life is persistent and stern teacher. Entire responsibility on us. Future unpredictable. With wisdom, each moment an opportunity to prepare the self, widen capabilities and deepen wisdom. Person's differentiated by willingness and ability to 'encounter life', engaging fully and deeply. Failures -> Self Doubt -> Corrosion. Success -> Over-Confidence. Doubt => Non-existent Difficulties, Over-Confidence => Blindness from respecting reality. Alertness to pitfalls essential to temper over-confidence with caution. What was my real intent? What constrained my action? What factors facilitated my action? Did I fall into habitual patterns or was I alive and paying attention to reality? Did I bring commitment to my action? Now is the only time to act - I am my only resource and the context marches to its own drum Jewish Resistance during WWII using Talmund for inspiration: If I am not for myself, who will be there for me, If I am only for myself, then, who am I? If not now, when? Karma = Take charge of one's Destiny Shaped by our Actions, Transformation only through our own Actions Death changes the scene of the action, not the forces of our actions Transformation is not Passive. Knowledge, explanations, interpretations of one's actions have no real impact. Each moment throws up an opportunity. Action (Charge of self, Pay attention to situation, Act with commitment) = Growth Implication of Failure != Stagnation Imitation | Falling back on Precedence | Losing Control | Impulsiveness | Holding back in Anxiety / Doubt = Precious Moments Pass Time is sacred. To respect time, use every moment to grow inwardly Every living entity is constantly changing, interacting with the world and growing. Time is movement, time is growth, time is fresh and vibrant in every moment. Praana flows with time. Praana wishes to express itself in the unfolding of deepest potential in each living being. Relate to other beings by discovering a rhythm and harmony of interaction and interdependence. Space and nurturing to this movement within = Sacred Waste of Great Energy Imitation Competition without Celebration of Excellence Consumption without Care When we loose touch with the flow and intimations of Praana within, dreams dry up, and we need to be 'psyched' and 'extolled' to grow. Urge to grow as natural as breathing. MG: Find purpose and commit ourselves to it. Means will follow. Take care of means, ends will follow. Owning up Dissatisfaction converts Wish to Will Time can be spent to develop a personal vision. But it will not trigger action. Avoid uncomfortable feelings. Discharge dissatisfaction in unproductive ways. Dissatisfaction energy when gathered in the form of a commitment to improve the present state, vision gets enlivened. Action emerges, pain and discomfort are not avoided. They are the journey to growth. Will = (Iccha Shakti | Deep Desire and Aspiration) + (Gnyana Shakti | Knowledge and Intelligence) + (Kriya Shakti | Persistent Action) Commitment to Vision + Dissatisfaction with the Present Mere Resistance to Reality and Intention for Change NOT ENOUGH Vision without Dissatisfaction = Wish List Dissatisfaction without Vision = Complaints Vision x Dissatisfaction = Will