The Oceans of the body Goodnight (3:30 am), Why is goodnight said before going to sleep? What's the use of saying it, if we are going to sleep? Once asleep we won't know if its good or bad, Awakening in the morning, if we are feeling refreshed, Has it been a goodnight or is it good morning? Currently: (2nd time in life) As I sit to write and few minutes back on the bed, mosquito buzzing around but not biting. Now gone. Messengers of the Universe Attachment: Windows startup lock screens, have these wonderful photos. I think they are synced and downloaded from a server every so often. They are hidden deep within User Data (finding it was a pain). Always wondering how and when they change. During the mornings, it happens, the same image comes for at least a week every time computer is restarted or coming back from sleep mode. If there is AI or some algorithm behind it, really grateful for it this time. As I switched on the computer, with energy more or less at the heart, touched by this image. Instantly reminded of 'Happy Feet' & 'March of the Penguins'. This is Sangha. While the civilization along the water front (where the hunting grounds, food and sex are) is hustling, bustling, squeezing, fighting, these adventurous souls are climbing a mountain in search. No desperation. Why writing at this ungodly, but earthy hour? Contemplation of what Desire is. Desire : De-Sire/De-Seer (Sire/Father of old English or Seer as one who sees) It was not aware of its watching, for it was asleep Why it got up is now not clear, maybe to add to the Ocean On getting up, it looked to the phone for time, and saw a missed call The call was at a decent hour, but it had fallen asleep Fallen asleep, after a really really deep sitting of a complete hour after many many months Looking at the screen, there was a realization that well something was pulling up So simply Let Go and turned off the fan Went back to bed, but how and why Lay flat on the back with arms gently on the side There is natural Mindfulness, the Seer, is well just seeing in equanimity It is just experiencing and watching, there is no verbalizing Yet what is now written, has already passed and gone Its also not what, that which was actually passing No way to share that, yet here we go The Oceans are rising and falling turn by turn Once the abdomen and then the chest Turn by turn, in perfect rhythm Like a sensual dance, between intimate lovers The Yin and Yang, tides on the Earth Water pulled from here and sent over there Then back again from where it began But why the movement in the first place It's as if an asteroid fell through space Or maybe something had pulled the waters up Whatever the cause, writing all of this down Has caused a flooding, somewhere on land It is just experiencing and watching, there is no verbalizing Yet soon de-scribing starts, Once de-scribing starts, well scribing ends That which is being scribed on the bodies scroll Begins to fade, changes because it senses it is being watched Realization of this change, causes a shift The watcher and talker, have a slight tiff Ssshhh, be quiet, you are frightening it away Oh I know, I know, I'll try to be slow Hmmm, its seems to be returning to its original state No not fully, its flattened out now Now longer One Ocean, alternately rising and falling Its like the sea, seen from a single shore Either High or either Low The waves have subsided, the winds have stopped blowing Everything calm or maybe just dead Watching and talking don't go hand in hand Its changes itself, when you take its name You mean I caused it, just because I wanted to share The de-sire / de-seer to tell someone else When de-seer grows, the seeing stops When de-sire grows, one pulls from the trillions of families inside Pulls their sires/fathers, towards the talking self The talking needs energy, there must be men/mann who build thoughts and talk It leaves the families orphaned, widowed and raw They are all confused, sad and depressed The dancing has stopped, its naturally lost Next time if forced, they will perform and show! Oh Why must you talk, about that which can be seen by all Don't ask me why? Sleeping I will now try!