Deepak Chopra - A wizard can turn fear to joy, frustration to fulfillment. A wizard can turn the time-bound into the timeless. A wizard can carry you beyond limitations into the boundless - Everything the wizard sees has its roots in the unseen world. Nature reflects the moods of the wizard. The body and mind may sleep, but the wizard is awake. The wizrd possesses the secret of immortality. 1. A wizard exists in all of us. This wizard sees and knows everything. Theh wizard is beyond opposites of light and dark, good and evil, pleasure and pain. 2. The return of the magical can only happen with the return of the innocence. The essence of the wizrd is transformation. 3. The wizard watches the world come and go, but his soul dwells in realms of light. The scenery changes, the seer remains the same. Your body is just the place your memories call home. 4. Who am I? is the only question worth asking and the only one never answered. It is your destiny to play an infinity of roles, but these roles are not yourself. The spirit is non-local, but it leaves behind a fingerprint, which we call the body. A wizrd does not believe himself to be a local event dreaming of a larger world. A wizrd is a world dreaming of local events. 5. Wizards don't believe in death. In the light of awareness, everything is alive. There are no beginnings or endings. To the wizard these are only mental constructs. To be most fully alive, you have to be dead to the past. Molecules dissolve and pass away, but consciousness survives the death of the matter on which it rides. 6. The wizards consciousness is a field that exists everywhere. The streams of knowledge contained in the field are eternal and flow forever. Centuries of knowledge are compressed in revelatory moments. We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy. When the ego is set aside, you have access to the totality of memory. 7. When the doors of perception are cleansed, you will begin to see the unseen world - the wizards world. There is a wellspring of life within you where you can go for cleansing and transformation. Purification consists of getting rid of the toxins in your life. Toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, toxic relationships. All living beings, physical and subtle, are bundles of energy that can be perceived directly. 8. Power is a double edged sword. Ego power seeks to control and dominate. The wizards power is the power of love. The seat of power is the inner self. The ego follows us like a dark shadow. Its power is intoxicating and addicting but ultiamtely destructive. The eternal clash of power ends in unity. 9. The wizard lives in a state of knowingness. This knowingness orchestrates its own fulfilment. The field of awareness organizes itself around our intentions. Knowledge and intention are forces. What you intend changes the field in your favour. Intentions compressed into words enfold magical powers. The wizard does not try to solve the mystery of life. He is here to live it. 10. We all have a shadow self that is part of our total reality. The shadow is not here to hurt you but to point out where your are incomplete. When the shadow is embraced, it can be healed. When it is healed, it turns into love. When you can live with all your opposite qualities, you will be living your total self as the wizard. 11. The wizard is the teacher of alchemy. Alchemy is transformation. Through alchemy you begin the quest for perfection. You are the whole world. When you transform yourself, thw world you live in will also be transformed. The goals of the quest - heroism, hope, grace and love - are the inheritance of the timeless. To summon a wizards help, you must be strong in truth, not stubborn in judgement. 12. Wisdom is alive and therefore always unpredictable. Order is another face of chaos, chaos is another face of order. The uncertainity you feel inside is the door to wisdom. Insecurity will always be with the quester - he continues to stumble but never falls. Human order is made of rules. The wizard's order has no rules - it flows with the nature of life. 13. The reality you experience is a mirror image of your expectations. If you project the same images everyday, your reality will be the same everyday. When attention is perfect, it creates order and clarity out of chaos and confusion. 14. Wizards do not grieve over loss, because the only thing that can be lost is unreal. Lose everything, and the real will still remain. In the rubble of devastation and disaster are buried hidden treasures. When you look in the ashes look well. 15. To the extent you know love, you becoem love. Love is more than an emotion. It is a force of nature and therefore must contain truth. When you say the word love, you may catch the feeling, but the essence cannot be spoken. The purest love lies where it is least expected, in unattachment. 16. Beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping there are infinite realms of consciousness. A wizard exists simultaneously in all times. A wizard sees infinite versions of every event. The straight lines of time are actually threads of a web extending to infinity. 17. Seekers are never lost, because spirit is always to them. Seekers are offered clues all the time from the world of spirits. Ordinary people call these clues coincidences. To a wizard there are no coincidences. Every event exists to expose another layer of the soul. Spirit wants to meet you. To accept its invitation you must be undefended. When you seek, begin in your heart. The cave of the heart is the home of truth. 18. Immortality can be lived in the midst of mortality. Time and the timeless are not opposites. Because it embraces everything, the timeless has no opposite. At the level of the ego, we struggle to solve our problems. Spirit sees that struggle is the problem. The wizard is aware of the battle between ego and spirit, but he realizes that both are immortal and cannot die. Every aspect of yourself is immortal, even the parts you judge most harshly. 19. Wizards never condemn desire. It was following their desires that they became wizards. Every desire is created by some past desire. The chain of desire never ends. It is life itself. Don't consider any desire useless or wrong. Someday each will be fulfilled. Desires are seeds, waiting for their season to sprout. From a single seed of desire, whole forests grow. Cherish every wish to your heart, however trivial it may seem. One day these trivial wishes will lead you to God. 20. The most good you can do for the world is to become a wizard. Seven Steps of Alchemy 1. Innocence 2. Birth of ego 3. Birth of Achiever 4. Birth of Giver 5. Birth of Seeker 6. Birth of Seer 7. Spirit