It was a privilege to be in the presence of the little one today :) See Photos Reminds me of Neil Armstrong's (Supposed) Landing on the Moon His famous quote on setting foot on the surface - "One small step for Man, = a Giant Step for Mankind" He planted the US Flag on the Moon Sad that he did/could not remove his helmet/head gear and bow his head down= in reverence and deference As is done on victory through war Tao Weapons are instruments of fear; they are not a wise man=E2=80=99s tools. He uses them only when he has no choice. Peace and quiet are dear to his heart, And victory no cause for rejoicing. If you rejoice in victory, then you delight in killing; If you delight in killing, you cannot fulfill yourself. On happy occasions precedence is given to the left, On sad occasions to the= right. In the army the general stands on the left, The commander-in-chief on the r= ight. This means that war is conducted like a funeral.=20 When many people are being killed, They should be mourned in heartfelt sorr= ow. That is why a victory must be observed like a funeral. -------- What would he have done, if he would have removed his helmet? Stepped out of the bubble protecting his head? He would have bent down and touched the moon! Taken a bit of it in his hand, Smelt it and tasted it, So he would forever know it from the inside! Noticed the sacred moment for the little one She had squatted down and was observing the sand flowing in the breeze Like you said there was also a flow inside She got up turned walked Returned and then picked up a little sand I saw her take it close to her face, about 3 inches far She stopped for a few seconds, as if contemplating Then she gently brought the fist close to her nose Slowly, very slowly (as if aware) It was such a tender moment (actually it even feel violation to be present = to that moment and sharing it) She then paused, she already had a smile on her face She then took the fist to her mouth She first put the fist to her lips Guess by then we adults had assumed her intentions From neutral observers we had become committed participants Like in the Quantum Physics - Our presence/observation/participation Forever changed the outcome of the event I made a clicking sound, we paid attention and said no She quickly put it in her mouth and smiled That moment of victory was so so so ... so unparalleled My own interpretation now - Once we descended upon her, she still had not started to cry=20 There was a moment of what's happening, then the happenings happened This really was "One small step for a Child, a giant step for Mankind" --------------------------------------------- Just also remembering this story that used to do the rounds of forwards 15 = years back Two children (friends) playing in the woods, amongst the trees, in the bran= ches Their set of parents are sitting below The wind starts to pick up and blow One parent shouted "Don't leave" The other shouted "Hold On" You know the rest=20 Non - judgemental, just contextual memory Your participating balanced/tempered what might have gotten worse Hope things turned out well @ home later -------------------------------------------------- While searching for this story online came across these and it was interest= ing 54133 born-with-two-sets-of-dna-a-chim_10364937 Reminds of tribal practices around sexuality, it takes a village to raise a= child=20 ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you to Vedica for re-activating these experiences/memories Privilege to journey back in time --------------------------------------- This book resurfaced