The Conceptual World

Recently I have been encountering numerous situations where I feel that the discussions are leading to nowhere or the discussions are void of any living element. If we carried out this experiment with ourselves and recorded for all the conversations that we had for a week, we would discover the utter meaninglessness and powerlessness of these conversations and the utter inability of people to listen to each other.

Why is it so?
Why are we unable to communicate in a more lively sense?
Why are we unable to communicate organically in which the intention of communication is visible?
Why do we always have to end up searching for meaning in things?
Where did the meaning go in the first place?
How is it that it got lost?
Or does meaning gets outdated?
What or who is creating new meaning?
Is this creation a determined, controllable process? Is this creation of meaning even something that is functionally adding onto the existing structure?
Why is it that the only process of creation that we know of is independant of what exists, is a destructive process in which the current reality needs to be done away with?

I think it begins with our childhood experiences with waste. We are so used to throwing away things and so used to new things that are uncontextual that we get used to this way of life, living disconnected. Why else would we be immediately ready to throw away the old, just to bring in the new? Do we really need new forms of meaning? If happiness is a physioloigcal state, does it matter the source? The effort to build new, the energy to destroy the old, the entropy, chaos that follow, are they necessary?

Earlier we had meaning embedded in context, today do we have the same relational binding necessary for meaning?
Does it really require a context for it's implications.
Today is the meaning of words felt or have they become empty shells?
In studying the Veda and understanding the development of language as a spiritual activity in man, then I would be tempted to say that the context of language lies in our emotions. When our words are devoid of emotion they lack a context and hence meaning and we get into unendless arguments about the meaning. But at the same time, overly emotional conversations do not allow us to deal effectively with the situation.

If I look at most successful people I find they make good use of the emotional aspect of conversation, they are able to subtley influence others emotions and get them to respond in desired ways. On the other hand most of us are taught in schools to be more rational, mind control over emotions etc. By suppressing and not feeling our emotions, we are made prime targets to be influenced by such people.
With us being disconnected from our emotions, we are actually disconnecting ourselves from biological signals that nature has designed as validity mechanisms and filters for us. Hence we get swayed by ideas and concepts alone. I end up believing in patriotism, nationality, caste etc, not because I am overflowing with emotion, but actually the lack of it. I am actually disconnected from my rage, I am disconnected from my anger. I am unable to sense the physiological changes in my body and respond according to what they tell me. If anger is an undesirable state, then rather than eliminating it or asking children to bring it under control, should we not rather help them choose a better course. Let them sense the negative impact of anger on themselves. If the reality of good/bad is stored in the bodies memory then, I am sure no one would want to repeat it. As a grown adult I would immediately sense that I am angry and communicate effectively.

On the other hand if physiological emotions do not have an actual impact on the body, then the social meaning we derive is bogus! and actually a means of social control of one another.
We are living in a dry world, it lacks the fluid of love. Everything can break easily and catch fire at the smallest spark. There is no place to go, there is no end to reach. There is no better human being, I mean let that not be the reason for our doing anything, let that not be the reason for our actions, because when the bubble bursts, it really hurts that we have been pushing ourselves and those behind us blindly down the cliff with the hope that we can fly!