Tadpoles eat voraciously and quickly grow in weight and size. They accumulate resources within their body, yet spin no cocoon like caterpillars. All they need is a shallow pool of water, within which to swim ceaselessly.

Once swimming the process of transformation begins a transformation through which a frog emerges. A frog is in total contrast to the tadpole – it's robust, moves very little, lives locally, shuns the sun, destroys very little and is nature's partner in creation, yet it is encapsulated within the tadpole and yet it will further give birth to another tadpole, another ceaseless journey, another frog. Is the tadpole internally happy, happy from tip to tail, that is why it wiggles and swims so much. Since tadpoles have never seen themselves in a mirror, is it that they tease each other to no end about their dance and the size of their tails, depressing each other out, pushing themselves to the brink of suicide in which they abandon their tails, their ability to breathe through their skin, stick their necks out of the water, risking choking to death, getting eaten or boiled, fried or powdered and served to another creature so that his non-functional tadpoles may get -

The strength, strength to swim,
Swim opposite the flow,
Swim up the river with nowhere to go,
Swim till they reach the promised land,
Or if the land is not to be found,
At least the staff could rub the ground.

Is the frog eternally damned, that's why the cacophony of sounds, sounds that serve no higher purpose – animals make sounds to attract mates, sometimes attracting predators too, hence new sounds need inventing to warn about predators – all in all a basal game of survival. That's why frogs are, in a trillion forms, colors and patterns. They need to survive, survive through the harsh freezing winters, survive through spring that brings snakes and birds and others too, survive through the hot, burning summers, survive till the first drop of rain and then the cosmic dance can begin all over again.

This feels like karmic transformation, a dharmic transformation, a transformation worthy of emulation.
Is it?