Science and Spirituality

Quoted from National Geographic Feb 09, pg 70, According to Sean Carroll of the University of Wisconsin at Madison - "The primary fuel for the evolution of anatomy turns out not to be gene changes, but changes in the regulation of the genes that control development.

The notion of genetic switches explains the humiliating surprise that human beings appear to have no special human genes. Over the past decade as scientists compared the human genome with that of other creatures, it has emerged that we inherit not just the same number of genes as a mouse, but in most cases the very same genes. Just as different words are not needed to write different books, so you don't need new genes to make new species. You just change the order and pattern of their use.
Reading this paragraph made my hair stand on their ends. Just can't explain the possible implications that this might be suggesting. Could soon be leading towards a unifying perspective to look at the various processes and domains in life.

Seeing a convergence happening in science and spirituality.