Religion and Spirituality

People would tend to club religion and spirituality in the same basket, but for me a clear distinction exists.
Religion is a socio-cultural practice that has helped human beings in living disciplined lives. Religion was also primitive man’s earliest attempts at understanding himself and the world. Religion has rituals, traditions and practices that are passed on from generation to generation. There is always an original messenger who appears to have heard god’s voice or seen a vision and then spreads it amongst the masses. This message at some point gets documented and gives rise to a source book for future generations.

Spirituality on the other hand is a personal attitude that one cultivates. One need not follow any particular religion to be spiritual. At the same time a religious fanatic would not be termed spiritual. One could say that religions of primitive men and folk religions from places like Africa, America were spiritual in nature. They spoke of a commonality of spirit in the living world. Modern spirituality too takes us back to the same idea - one master with numerous forms. However realization of this truth requires a cultivation of mind and is an individual journey.