Need for Spirituality

Was reading Spearpoint by Sylvia Ashton Warner. Saw a common thread of soul and spirit in education by any of the greats. Questions struck me in quick succession -

Then I realized what is meant by the wealth of the soul. For those who have nothing, they have themselves and that is all they need to move forward. But do they need to let go of themselves once they have the material things that are needed. Not necessarily! Only through having access to the wealth of the soul can one live a sustainable life on earth, where all of humanity can survive. Because my soul belongs to me, through it's riches, through its access no one becomes poorer. Though it is a common good, it is one that never depletes by exploitation. Everyone should exploit their soul to their potential :)
But then how do we ensure that this chasm between wealth and soul is bridged. I think it has got to do with our understanding of the soul. If the purpose of human life is the development of the soul, then each generation needs to go through the same development cycles.

I mean if I have a materially comfortable life, then I have to ensure that my children have an environment which is conducive for their soul to develop. By having access to material wealth and comfort the needs of the child are met externally and the soul has no purpose to develop and hence we see atrophied skills.

Quite a tall task to understand the relationship between nature and soul!