intention an information system that authentically supports our deepest striving to live meaningfully principle simple is good, simpler is better, but simplest is best everything is 1 – an entity indexed in a single table is 2 – a relationship in a join table is 3 – a node in 3 dimensions (space + time) nodes form webs webs need internal contexts and controls controls exists in three states states determine the visualization of webs visualization is interactive interaction involves searching, mapping and creation interaction using 5 ideas (left/right, up/down, above/below, yes/no, in/out) can be shared domains education, agriculture, health, research, livelihood, marriage, travel, commerce, law, self systems communication, inventory, logistics, management technology ruby on rails, javascript, svg requirement INR. 4.80 lakhs to support 2 full-time developers for 1 year each sponsor – INR. 2400 / year (INR. 200 / month (1 expensive coffee)) giving back each sponsor will get an individual a/c on the system free for life paying it forward i feel an urgent need for health of all living things i feel an urgent need for clean air, water and soil i feel an urgent need for balance between head, heart and hand i feel an urgent need for everything to flow back to the 3 i feel an urgent need to share love why sponsor? should it matter? can it matter? will it matter? i have been re-playing with it since Jan '15. we speak in Ruby, Rails, Javascript and SVG. If u don't speak these no issues, i am trying to teach myself and it a way to communicate with u in the simplest possible manner without having to learn great deals about each other. No i don't mean voice recording, i don't mean artificial intelligence, i simply mean it will do what it is good at and so will u. that's what i have been doing. Using metaphors to teaching it to count, to teach it to process patterns, on the way learning how to teach. If it can count correctly it can speak correctly, speak in any language, listen in any language. Because it is faster at certain mechanical tasks, maybe it can even help u speak many languages. It can help u in ways, it might be difficult for me, them or any single group of human beings from helping u. It might enable each one of us, to directly and knowingly help each other.