One day a cricket came into my home.
I was practicing equanimity after frustratedly trying to explain something to family.
At 7:00 pm the cricket started to buzz.
As soon as I entered the home was fascinated by the cool winter breeze and the the sound.
To me it wa music and I slept peacefully through the night, imagining being in a forest.
Dadi realized after 2 days and was blaming me for the sound.
Next day the cricket went into the kitchen.
2 days it made noise there 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.
Then into Dadi's room. It went ballistic.

Then Dadi went ballistic.
She grasped my arm, looking totally mad with red shot-eyes asking why I had sent the cricket after her.
I was just standing there laughing, not knowing how to respond.
How can I be blamed?
All I did was make space in my room and keep the energies clear, that life may find refuge!

The next night she got her stick and in the middle of the night, started banging away at doors and where-ever she felt she could to get the noise to go away.
I opened the balcony door, saw her and went back to sleep.
30 minutes of banging and I had accepted and was equanimous.
The buzzing continued through the night.

Next day...