Is ReConfiguring the Brain Possible?

This comes from my own experiences on not based on anything I have read. After doing a certain kind of workshop at college that proved to be quite cathartic in nature giving me access to aspects of self that were earlier dormant and doing some exercises I have begun to think that it is indeed possible to use the power of imagery and intent to reconfigure your brain and affect ones physiology. Many times when I am sleeping at night, I am able to focus intently on my breathing and enter into a zone of resonance.

What I mean is that in our human body there are actually 3 kinds of autonomous systems working, over which it seems we have no control: Neural, Respiratory and Circulatory. Even if we try to control our thoughts we can't, if we try to stop our breathing (holding only possible for sometime). So essentially these are hard-wired mechanisms of the human body. Now each of these sub-systems has their own frequency of operation. The pulse rate (40-120/min), the rate of breathing (15 - 60/min) and brain zilllions of thoughts/min. So with such various frequencies operating withing the same system, obviously one cannot expect one to be at peace or harmony.

That's when I discovered that through focusing (observing intently) on my breadth, automatically my thoughts reduce and as the load on my system reduces so does the heart rate stabilize to a lower level. At this point it feels as though all three systems are operating in unison (resonating) and one gets the feeling of being whole and complete. It's as if there is no breathing to be done, thoughts to be had or things to worry about. Everything becomes possible. Infact my breadth reaches a level that I am hardly aware of it, I feel as though I am breathing just by thinking and my lungs are not actually functioning. It feels as though my skin is breathing. It's difficult to completely describe the sensations at that point of time.
I also discovered that in this state I am able to actually generate immense amounts of energy and intention. My whole body gets intensely hot, physically I have tried an experiment of lifting up my hand and keeping it suspended for about 15 - 20 min without pain or tiredness. Similarly I have tried lifting up both my legs together very very slowly over a period of say 4 - 5 min. If someone was observing they might not notice the gradual lift and keep them there again suspended for a period of time till my judgmental brain kicked in. It's as though just by the intention I am able to do these tasks. That got me thinking and I have tried, is it possible to actually erase or reduce some repetitive patterns of thought. In this state can one focus so intently on a imagery that it actually replaces an earlier one. As it is, our lives are governed by our experiences. The more similar experiences we have the more the associated neural networks get reinforced. Hence it may seem that its all a matter of intensity of experience.

Take the case of rape victims, accident victims, shock victims. Though the experience is only once, the intensity is strong enough to cause concerns. Hence why should it not be possible to use Vipassana or any other technique to entering into this zone which I call "Foetal Stage" and using strong intentions and imagery to give oneself any experience one wishes. It's like one can have the life one wants. At night all is required is erase what is a barrier and reinforce what is good. After I have mastered this to a certain extent I would like to actually go in for an experiment where actually through some sort of scans it can be measured whether I am actually able to cause reconfiguration of the internal network. If some one knows of any experiments of the sort, please do let me know...