Awake! Feeling Odd!
The Sun's Up quite high already, but it's not that warm or bright!
What Time is IT???
Did I OverSleep?
7:15 am. Usual Time. Why do I feel Unusual?
I slept at 2:00 am last night. Should I be this aWake and at this Time?
Body clock! Okay, yet, what's with the Sun? already closing in on it's Noon position.
The Trains are Shut, Does it NOT Know, She has been put under LockDown!
Odd! Was winter not supposed to be lazing in Bed, not wishing to come out of the blanket?
Needing a Warm Cup of Tea/Coffee/Ukala and Long in the Heart!
Really? But the Sun's rushed out of the blanket of haze; mist and dew the Moon set last night.
Some school geography coming to mind. Google Zindabad.
I am told Winter's - Shorter Days, Later SunRises and Earlier SunSets.
Still looking ... still looking ... not wishing to comprehend from the eyes of an Expert!
What do mine OWN SEE and what's SHE speaking to my Heart?
It's that time of my Annual Monthly cycle, when I slow Down, get a little Tired.
Tired with Exhaustion, I may grow Pale. Yet SUN, you worry NOT!
My energies, they never Diminish, they just Shift in Space, Time and Form!
Get Up! Get Up! Wake up early and across the Sky, Quickly Walk By,
No not There, Your Warm Caress is NOW needed Here!
Throw Gentle Light on the Past, But Ponder and Tarry Not,
Winters are Times for getting Up Early and taking Long, Silent Walks;
Your Will feels Low, Diminished and Dry,
Nothing seems Pressing, Urgent to Try,
Depressing: De-Pressing ... It's Natural to Cry,
Winter's are Times to Hibernate,
Hibernate: High-Burn-Ate
Burn the Highs you Won, the Glories of the Past,
Food is scarce, far and sparse,
Consume yourself, Body and Mind,
Winter's are Times when your Light seems Dim,
Inner Sun, Mimicing the Outer One,
Yes! It's perfectly alright to feel this WAY,
This is the WAY ... the WAY ... the WAY,
Winter: Winther - The Time to SAY,