The Buddha walked. Christ walked. The Prophet walked. The Mahatma walked.

They all walked away from things that were false,
They all walked towards the same single truth,
They all walked as a means of inner purification.

Back then there was something to walk away from,
Back then there was some better place to go,
Back then there were still unconditioned and simple minds,
Who would listen to the word and follow behind,
But now, the same mess exists everywhere,
Nothing to walk away from, no place to go,
Minds full of things or craving for more,
Who can't hear or see a thing, unless it's through the mobile phone.

Before them all, before the walkers were given names,
Walked tribes of people and people from every tribe,
They walked not from falsehood, nor for the truth, not for purification,
But simply because they had stood up on their foot,
They followed her trace, learning all her ways,
Leaving more behind than they took on their way,
Her beauty and balance, were all they cared for,
For they were the real children from her love above.