Hey traveller, come, come in and stay,
Come today, yesterday's gone, tomorrow's far away,
Hey traveller, why did you leave, home far away,
Hey traveller, what do you seek, to whom do you pray ___1
We, we've been here; since the time, the trees were here,
Since the time, we could walk;
Since the time, we could talk;
Walk the land, talk to her soul;
Talk to her soul, lend her a hand,
As she went, about her dance ___2
But now, things have changed;
Gone are the trees and all the breeze,
She does not dance, nor show her face;
Her skin is dry, her breasts are bare;
Her children cry, for want of food;
They cannot see, her shattered womb___3
Yet, we walk;
We walk and we talk;
When your asleep, in your dreams;
When your awake, lost on your way;
When your alone, no one to fight;
When your alone, by your side,
When your alone, all alone;
When your alone, alone ___2
Traveller, come and see, the one, living family,
Traveller, can't you see, we are all, a family,
Traveller, please do see, we are one, big family,
Family, family, family, family ___1
So come, come and sit, by our side, side by side,
No one to lead, none left behind;
Nothing to sell, no one to buy,
Life is a gift, for one and all,
Pass it on, share of your gifts,
Share your gifts, lend a hand,
Lend a hand, sing your songs,
Sing your songs, clap and dance,
Clap and dance, ask in grace,
Wounds be healed, she dance again___2
... she dance again (G Am)

1 - C F Am G
2 - Am E
3 - Dm G