The Sun

What a glorious morning!
As I walked on the beach in the morning,
Suddenly the Sun spoke to me.
It said -
I am NOT Real
I am NOT outside U
I am NOT the Source
I am just a Reflection
Just like in a Mirror
U know what U See
An image: i-am-age
You don't break the mirror
Or apply pimple cream to the mirror
Do you?
You don't go and talk to the mirror
Do you?
You don't break your head against the image
Do you?
You just See the Reflection
You don't get stuck with it
Do you?
You don't call home during lunch
To ask how it is doing?
Is it lonely?
Missing you?
Do you?
So, The Sun said -
Its like the Sky is a giant Lens
Focusing her Energies
I am just an image of Her collective Energies
The Sky, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, The Clouds, The Animals, The Plants
They are all her Creation
They are all her Reflection
That's why people have stopped looking up at the Sky
They know what they see is an Illusion
Forever changing
But where's the Source
That's what's everyone's Searching
The Source
Getting tired yet searching frantically
Getting weary yet digging frantically
They want to Lie down in her lap
Go to Sleep
For a very very long time
So long, that when they wake up
They do not remember that they were ever awake
They want to forget the old battles
The old enemies and friends
They are beginning to See
Sometimes she would get tired of them
Feeding them, bathing them, caring for them
So she would play a game with them
Send them out to Hunt
Send them out to Search
Send them out to Seek
So she could have a little Space
So she could have a little Time
So she could be by Herself
So she could Re-Source Herself
So she could Source Herself
Enough searching, enough seeking
Come, lie down and Sleep
Listen to Her Sing Her Song
Watch her Dance
Follow Her Ways
Rest with Her when she's Tired
Dance with Her when she's Happy
Eat with Her when she Feeds
Starve with her when she Starves
Pray with her when she Prays
Follow her Always