The Ocean Speaks

Why do you wish to Enter me?
Wading, why do you come to Swim in me?
With your pipe, mask and rubber,
You feel strong, safe and secure!

Why do you wish to See through me?
See my Treasures, all my Creatures?
Find the Mounds, beneath the Waters,
Look in the Crannies, Nooks and Corners!

What is it that you Seek and Search?
That I do not willingly Serve!
Sit Out a bit, Wait a while,
Be-Fore you Jump In,
Play-For a while;

Sit and watch, how the Others Love,
They Stand and Wait, along the Edge;
See the Piper, the one with the Beak,
Still as a Statue, It appears so Meek;
It gently Stands and does not Move,
Watching me Dance, together in Groove;
As I Approach and Wash it's Legs,
It Stands and Stares at What I Leave there!
A gentle Bow, a flick of it's Beak,
It's quick to Pick, in a moments Nick;

Look at the Crabs,
The white transparent Ones,
Sitting quietly,
Basking in the Setting Sun;
Some of them, they come and Dance with me,
Come too Close, the Waves step on their Toes,
Stay too Far, Empty Claws!

Why don't you, learn from Example?
Follow my Dance, Going into a Trance!
See me go High, then I Fall-Low,
There are Cycles, for every Flow!
Sun and Moon, they Call Out to Me,
Study their Voice, the Words they Speak!

You seem Afraid, unwilling to Let Go,
To Trust the Flow,
Whether Ebbing or On the Go!

What is your Fear?
Who do you wish to Conquer?

Wait a While,
Tarry just a Bit,
In a Moments Flash,
You will be Ready to Splash!
Your Fear is UnReal,
Born of an Ignorant State,
That Time will Run Out,
An Urge to Create!
Whether another,
Just like you,
Maybe an Experience, Story, Poem or Art;

You long to Know,
My Secret Craft;

But Wait and Sit,
Sit and See;
There is Nothing to Fear,
No Need to Conquer.
Be Simple, Be Free,
You do NOT need to Teach,
You do NOT need to Know,
Know so you May,
Tell and Show!

The Greatest Teacher of All,
Mistress to Few, Mother to All;
Each who Surrenders,
At the Entrance to My Door,
Is Embraced in Love, Lasting Forever!
Then there is No Turning Back,
No matter whose Refuge, Name or Clout,
Mantras or Practices you seem to Spout;

I Created You,
Delivered you Once;
A Part of Me,
Apart from Me;
It is a Game,
Sticky like Gum,
Sometimes Suffering,
Sometimes Glum!
Hide and Seek,
We constantly Play,
Sit a While,
Wait and Stay!
Come for Fun,
Come and Play!