She Says

she says, she wants a necklace, no diamonds or pearls, nor any others gems;
just flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds, barks and stems, of all her trees;
no fingers, skulls or any other bones, just let their owners move all over me;
climb or crawl or jump and slide, walk or hunt or even die,
free to eat, shit or be, as all my creatures and children should be;
move over me, so i feel an itch, an itch which makes me come alive, makes me laugh and makes me cry;
make sure the beads are of a size, not too small, nor large and dry;
3 acres is a very good bet, 1 for u, 1 for me and 1 for the old, dying company;
make sure the length between the beads, is of distance, one can travel between thy meals;
the necklace will always belong to me, she says, it is for memory;
of how she looked in her younger days, full of beauty, full of grace;
never to be sold, nor bought again, just to be passed from age to age.