i become aware of my body,
i feel my chest heaving,
i feel like dancing,
i feel like rolling,
then there is stillness,
as the feelings crash all over me,
i see the kites,
flying in the sky,
two of them, fighting by and by,
when down below, billions are swimming by,
i see the monkey's chattering,
sitting atop the trees,
the million broken shells,
building up the beach,
the crabs atop the rocks,
red, black and brown,
holding on, for dear life,
as the tide, washes by,
the ocean,
she's my mother,
she welcomes me,
she welcomes me,
in whatever state i am,
she washes away,
the pain,
the pain,
all the pain!

there is no one here,
i don't exist,
just sensing here,
senses sensing,