children getting bored, no idea what to do,
adults not letting them explore, lest they figure out the game;
youth getting bored, no idea who they are,
teachers not letting them ask questions, lest they know the answer not;
teachers getting bored, no respect they do receive,
experts not letting them convene, lest they toss the expert out;
couples getting bored, no idea how to live,
bosses not letting them meet, lest they procreate too fast;
bosses getting bored, no idea about money,
markets not letting them discover, lest they realize everything is found;
parents getting bored, no idea where to go,
oldies not letting them relax, lest they return back to the farm;
oldies getting bored, no idea when they will die,
priests not letting them sleep, lest they leave the wealth behind;
priests getting bored, no idea where is god,
masses not letting them find out, lest they return full of doubt;
masses getting bored, no idea why they strive,
politicians keeping them on their toes, lest they shut shop and say goodbye;
politicians getting bored, no idea – absolutely no idea about anything at all,
media – well media;
media getting bored, there is nothing to report,
they cannot speak the truth, lest governments gets exposed;
governments getting bored, no one wants to be governed,
they cannot shut the system, lest men kill each other and the children too.