it is a funny thing this world, the world of humans, our who-man world;
who's this man, we keep talking about; talking about, fighting about;
why does he hide, all scared inside;
when will he come, will he ever come,
break out and come, come out and speak,
speak his truth, forever break free;
free of questioning, researching, discovering,
all the confusion, searching and inventing,
inventing stories, inviting dreams;
dreams that make one incessantly do, do as others think they do;
free of spirituality, religion, science, education and all the superstitious minds;
free to be, be and by, by any being that calls out hi,
calls out hi, because they need,
need a body, heart or mind;
need because they also need to be,
be like u, be like me,
be in being, by u and me.