The night had an energy, infinite and full of royalty;
The stars in the sky; they seemed as if corals and starfish were flickering by;
The mysterious road beckoned, inviting me to walk,
Hidden though it was, it seemed as if to talk;
A vast pervasive moonlight filling up the sky,
I felt he was looking through the corner of his eye;
No sound could be heard, just the croaking of the frog;
A shiver up my spine, as I smelt the dirty slime;
I felt his tongue darted, something within me departed;
Its purity now defiled, algae growing every side,
The chrysanthamums lay rotting, it seemed something was plotting;
Something large was at work, an infinite collective being,
Integrating all the was, seen or unseen;
Persian, Arabic, Chinese; mattered not to me,
The universe is a rogue, charming as can be;
It hands out coloured candies, not everyone can deny,
Its time to stop this brooding, even though its very soothing;
I feel like a brinjal, though I know I am an angel.