Pathways in the Pathless

All paths lead to the one same god,
Yet we meet these two kinds on every path,
Those who walk, leaving markers behind,
Those who follow, building gates that block.

Today's entire economic system works on a hierarchial value system,
Not only of material objects, but also of living beings and life itself.
Coupled with artificially capped growth and a created scarcity,
It is no surprise that most people live,
With a deep subconscious fear of becoming worthless.
Our worth is linked to having something,
Others don't have that we can exchange, for what we do not have.
Hence even those who think they need to protect the truth,
May do so from the perspective of personal worth,
Thereby corrupting the very nature of that truth.

Worth is linked to the ability to produce,
We go on producing more and more.
More and more ways of being and acting different,
More and more ways of staying in the same place,
More and more ways of saying the same truth.

This is unlike nature,
Whose pathways have forever been open,
To anyone surrendering to follow her.
Can our systems, truly mimic her,
Not just in form, but in spirit too?
Can we begin to interact in a way,
Where we wish to see a more dynamic and diverse world?