Paradise -> ParaDice -> ParaDies -> ParaDoX,
Doing Nothing!,
Doing Something!,
Doing Anything!,
Doing X!,
Doing UnDoing!,
UnDoing Doing!,
What to Do?,
What do Two Do?,
Do when Two,
See beyond Two,
Beyond Hum Two, Humare Two,
Beyond Hum Do, Humare Do,
Searching for the Commando,
Commands to Do?
Common Do!
The Goddess Speaks!
The God-Das Speaks!
Do these Ten,
She Repeats,
The God-Das Speaks,
He Repeats,
Repeats, Repeats,
Re-Peats, Re-Peats,
Reap-Eats, Reap-Eats,
Reaps and Eats,
Reaps and Eats!