Mystical Music Pod

circling in circles,
dreaming while i am waking;
hoping to hear the mystic song,
find a way through - that seems wrong;

finally it dawns on me,
the universe dances in me;
the mundane and the sacred,
two sides of a single coin;

holy as the day is spent,
dancing as i sing in the kitchen;
no mosque, temple, shrine or church to see,
holy is the place i stand and choose to be;

it is not me that stands this ground,
for i and god, at once cannot be;
risking being authentically me,
allows god to be in perfect harmony.

now, i take more time to cover less ground,
learn to sit with not knowing;
i've seen the futility of searching,
not paying attention, my undoing;

my breath, it is my rosary,
balances confidence with humility;
instead of trying to change the scene,
through new eyes, i am learning to see.

humming beneath the surface,
my heart leans in towards, who is buzzing;
there are questions that keep returning,
everybit of it, i am welcoming;

sliding palms with the paradox,
i am, yet we are;
sauntering in the forest within,
on this planet that is called home;

i've seen the builder, seen the home,
no rebirth, death no more.

mitakuye oyasin,
all my relations, walking each other home;
yes, you can do the hard thing,
hearing each yourself, in another's tongue;

will u be my sanctury,
warm the embers, when i am lost to me;
in our solitude, community does begin,
just like trees, caring for another one;

the most astonishing thing about the universe,
a web of relations, that nurtures and conserves.