if marriages were made in heaven, why need seven, only to get even;
its really true, that they are so, not just about me and u, but everyone else too;
all our stories, about true love, have painful bends with tragic ends;
not even one, involving just the two, went towards a happily ever after;
how can it, not end that way, when neither one, has lived happily before;
what is the cause, of this deep rooted sadness,
this longing for completion, this unmet madness;
yet, we trudge, plod, push and pry,
trying to match, with whatever suits the eye;
if not for looks, maybe all the books,
that have gone in, but never come out,
forget the books, its the money that counts,
money makes the world go round,
marriage actually is an economic investment,
don't harbour illusions, only to cry in repentence;
its not ur investment, neither mine,
its socities match to determine,
determine, whether the two,
together as one, will add value.