I've been watching you dance, dance away, like a butterfly,
Come, come and sit, by my side, we'll talk day and night,
I see your heart shine, shining bright, like the morning light,
So come, come and walk, lead the way, when I feel a fright,
I, I see you smiling, smiling wide, like a new born child,
You, your the love, that I seek, to live life right,
So come, hold me tight, in your arms, let me melt and die,
Seed, shall turn to tree, tree to fruit, may all be free,
Free, that's how we're born, everyone, including you and me,
So why, get into bonds, which may cause more misery,
I don't have the answers, but I believe ... (3),
That love sets us free,
So love, let us love ... love ... love ... love ... love.

C G2.(dot top) F Am G