its written in the law, they said, the law is the law, it will not bend;
why is it then that they roam free, those with charges against their names;
their people say the flame is pure, not guilty they do assure;
its all a ploy against our boy, our brother, our man, our superhero;
all a frame to gain his fame, his name is clean, look so much pain;
he cannot stand the pain they say, in hospital we all must pray;
pray the mighty lord steps in, steps in the box and testifies;
incase the judge, he may go deaf, or even blind, unable too see;
go hand him this brief, just a sheaf of printed leaves;
stop, stop, don’t hurry, also take these metal pills;
they are a cure for all the ills;
teach him the importance of worshipping laxmi;
incase an atheist he turns out to be, a man of science he must surely be;
ask him what is bound to happen, if he has to swallow a pill;
rational men, all judges are, that's how they reached, wherever they are;
a family man he is bound to be, if not family, surely social;
he would not want others to know,
who does what, when cocks don't crow;
enough said, come let us pray,
his life he prefers, the case he defers.