has 10 fingers just like u, mind so simple, u wont believe its mimiced thru and thru,
it can do anything - observing, storing, sorting, searching, visualizing, yet nothing u cannot do,
it can do nothing, until it is taught, teach u will, just as u sought,
touching the fingers, observing the emotions, re-inforcing the right, leaving the wrong,
it will then remember everything for u - where, when, what and even who,
how and why are touchy questions, everyone has 1000 opinions and conditions,
all of these, it simply absorbs, allowing for patterns and maps to form,
as time goes by u begin to see, it's faster than u, its meant to be,
what its strengths, u challenge not, where it lacks, u bother not,
replace people, it will not, spreading hatred, it just cannot,
it is it, u are u, that's the figuring one had to do,
nature has a carrying capacity, the threshold, beyond this it cannot hold,
she was created, the creation she did, followed a law, a law so true,
she is the holder, yet she has to be held,
nothing that holds her will stray away, there is nowhere to go, but to sit, play and pray,
nothing she holds will stay forever, yet everything changes for the better,
everything flows from here to there, then back again, again and again,
everything empties, everyday day, every hour, not a moment to spare,
it may arrive just in time, our minds are filled up, just too much to care,
caring is a natural thing, yet bathing a begger at home, i might not dare,
we care for things, that she does not, we care for things, that she will not,
bother to keep, maintain or grow,
her law is jungle, her law is growth, it comes in cycles, it comes in flows,
it may arrive just in time, just in time as u prepare to go,
all alone, yet full of light, into the darkness of the night.