imagine taking steps towards a future where, u live your life with ease and peace;
no more exams, no more school, learn as u wish, with anyone too,
living ur inner life and a larger part of ur remaining outer life with ease and peace,
not owning a fixed place as ur house,
but knowing a few thousand hearts that call u home;
carrying & caring for that much as can be counted and held by the body,
yet heart & hands free to caress a crying baby;
being free from the stress called food,
and sleeping peacefully knowing each farmer is too,
understanding about the challenge called aging,
so u can be ur grandparents when they are no more to do;
believing in anything – burying, burning or eating,
growing forests together, for dying together – so each has land, tree or animal for disposal,
forgetting what money looks like, remembering what trust and respect feel like,
being one in one, being two by two, being three as three, four, five, six ... infinity too.

believe that future is unfolding before u now,
have faith that we are all working for the future, join hands as we walk ...