ur life is mine to give and take, give and take at will i will,
it's not for u to think and cry, it's not for u to reason why,
i'll let u play on my hills, amongst my groves and where it flows,
but time to time i'll kick u out, kick u out – till u find out,
what it means to hold yourself, hold yourself as i flow,
as i flow all over u, u will then, begin to see,
begin to see that i am too, just like u from tip to toe,
come dear child, come my way, come sit down and let us play,
play together, as u discover, the body of wisdom, the wisdom of body,
hidden in each breath, that together we take,
for if ur early, i might be late, if ur late, i might not wait,
in either case, it's upto u, upto u, as you are fit to do,
there are a trillion dreams to be dreamt, dreamt and tried, till the end,
if u do not follow the path, i might purge requiring restart,
when ur turn again will come, i cannot tell, it has a law,
the law i saw, u will also see,
come dear child, come, come my way,
come sit down and let us pray.