no one is healthy, no one is sick,
the issue is relative, not thy relatives issue;
relative to what, that is life's true aim,
if u want to sit all day, sit all day and hog away,
then a hog u will be, unable to move, unable to move, ripe to kill,
diabetes and hypertension, glucose, fructose and insulin,
everything has a pill, black or white, it will not matter,
when she pulls the plug, it goes straight to the gutter.
if u try to run away, far from death that is coming ur way,
aerobics & palates, meditation & yoga,
tai-chi and chi-gong, with a little vipassana,
everyday a different dance and drama,
definite ways to burn away, not just calories, but also the trees;
as u empty, so shall u fill, fill up more, than necessary u will;
no more crap from just any rack,
must have certificate and stamp, back of the pack,
in the end, it will not matter,
her vomiting, it will be automatic,
plastic, plastic and only plastic.