Gandi Machli

We are all like fishes in water,
Does not matter if one ganda machli,
Makes the entire pond ganda;

The fact that it gets ganda means we all have to clean it,
The fact that no one is cleaning it,
Does not mean one can turn away from it,
Necessity that it needs to be done;

In the end, one will still choke and die with the rest,
Evolving is no longer a choice or luxury, its a necessity,
It's not a drawn out - project or plan,
It's right now in this moment of breath and awareness,
Does not matter if one ganda machli, makes the entire pond ganda;

As a fish I cannot throw others out,
Can only get out and learn to breathe myself,
Once mastered can offer a hand,
Sitting patiently by the riverbed,
Always ready to extend a hand,
Caring not to fall back in myself;

Always mindful of the cause of suffering,
Never losing track of breath,
Because then I become a ganda machli on land.