eyes full of sadness, they cannot find the toy,
it was in her cupboard, she says she has no idea - why does she have to lie;
eyes full of fear, they understood not the problem as father threw the books,
it was in x and y and z, cubed thru and thru;
lump in the throat, as it cries behind locked doors,
the bathroom's no place for a man to be, it's not always his fault;
hand with peeling skin, when father pushed it on the lamp,
did he not know it burns, he has never cared to ask;
fists clenched to hit, my own face it may be,
do they not understand, it is my marriage that is to be;
heart gripped with anger, as it muffles a silent scream,
please leave us alone, there is no space to be;
churning of the stomach, as the world begins to spin,
i want everyone to be happy, why won't they change their way;
legs without life, i might as well as die,
god take me away please, so they may all - repent and cry;
throbbing of the head, am i in heaven yet,
damn! it's not my time to go, not before the other's have, reached the doorway too;
life and death are trivial matters, not within our grasp,
its what to do between the two,
the cause of war, between me and u.