not for linking, nor for face, not just social, nor what's happening in the race;
no tracking, phishing or data mining, no intrusive ads or latest fads;
it is in trust, that all long to live, be at peace, in her grace;
our lives we started in simple needs - hunger, warmth and air to breathe;
then one day, we began to walk, began to walk so we could talk;
talk like her just as she flowed, flowed and flowed, forever she glowed.

talk with her just as she bent, bent and bent, forever she lent;
lent her ear as she wiped my tear, lent her arm to protect from harm,
lent her heart inside her breast, no not the milk, that's just second best,
lent her lap, a gentle slap, a tickle here, a tickle there, behind the ear, below the arm,
in my navel her mouth would fart, fart and fart till i did start,
a muffled giggle, a squeezy wiggle,
oops! what's happened, i am on my stomach,
my bum its pointing up in the air, kisses, kisses, bites and misses.

by and by it dawned on me, dawned on me as i began to see;
here, there, wherever - anywhere she lent her eyes;
lent her eyes, so i learn to see, learn to see and yet to be;
be with what she has to show, be with that she wants to grow;
get up, get out, get on and run, its time to move towards the sun;
no not the one up in the sky;
solar, wind, tidal they are all alright, full of might, that is right;
yet amid our midst, is a stronger one;
no not just one, a trillion suns;
they never set, they never rise.

it will not burn, if u can learn,
learn to see, learn to listen,
it cannot be told, cannot be shown.