there's a bee,
a tiny bee.
she's escaped her fate,
she's escaped her hive,
escaped bee-ing captive,
captive to the needs,
of the hive.
relentless pursuits,
to collect and accumulate,
relentless pursuits,
to produce and reproduce.

there's a bee,
a tiny bee.
it just wishes,
to well,
just be;
it's left the hive,
to be free,
to be alive.
this tiny bee,
has travelled the world,
seen the sights,
heard the sounds,
smelt the flowers,
tasted their nectar.
now it just wishes,
to well...
just be.

be by herself,
as she dreams;
dreams of dreams unseen.
the bee,
she needs a space,
a space to call,
her own home;
so she has flown into my heart.

she owns the space,
calls it her own,
demands i listen to her tone,
when she's upset,
afraid or cold,
when she's angry,
god forbid, what will unfold,
when she's happy,
wanting to hum,
sing and dance.

she demands stillness, care and love,
she demands i listen before i act,
she demands her home,
expands with time.
there are others,
she whispers, just as she prays,
who will follow the trail,
the trail that she ...
... left behind ...